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FlushSASH – the timber look

The latest addition to the PlatinumNRG range, the FlushSASH windows bring back the traditional timber appearance, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame.

Flush Sash timber lookThe depth of the FlushSASH is just 50mm and the face is 62mm set in 70mm deep PVCu outer frame profile. This brings all the benefits of low maintenance, security, comfort, weather resistance, as well as being fully recyclable.

These traditional style products are crafted using environmentally friendly lead free PVCu profiles, and can be specified with energy efficient double or triple glazed sealed units for optimum energy performance.

Our FlushSASH windows have achieved an A+5 energy rating, making them the perfect choice for the energy conscious consumer looking to replicate their current window design or to put the original style back in to their property.

A sample of the various colours options available in both standard PVCu and woodgrain effects. These images are only a representation of the original product. Colours maybe discontinued without notice so please always check with your partner for current availability.

Our FlushSASH windows have shootbolt locking fitted as standard.

Optional anti-intrusion hinge bolts made from high strength stainless steel can be added to enhance your security to ensure both sides of the window are equally protected from attack. These bolts engage to prevent the window being forced outward so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your home is well protected and far more secure than with older style locking handles.

From basic stain glass overlay to sophisticated original designs, we can design and manufacture any ornamental or patterned lead light, using all available coloured and obscure glass. We can even take your old lead light, strip and clean it and make into a decorative double glazed unit.

Choose from our range of colour or bevelled fanlights, acid etched glass or bespoke stained glass added to your windows to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

FC7Colour Fanlights

Our hand-crafted glass range is a combination of colour, lead and glass. They can be used in windows, doors, side panels and conservatories. Our exclusive designs, with full comprehensive warranty, are a valuable addition to any interior design.



mayflowerOpaque Backing Glass

We offer a large selection of backing glass in various textured designs. Simply choose the textured design and level of obscurity best suited to your requirements.




Lead Glass

We can offer a range of leaded profiles in various colours. The designs have been created using our popular Antique colour which as well as having a ready aged look, also benefits from a polymer coating to protect the lead surface from weathering. A natural profile can also be offered.


FB2Bevelled Fanlights

Our bevelled range comprises bespoke patterns with combinations of  individual sections of bevelled glass.


PVCu – The greener choice

Our PVCu windows are recyclable and are 100% Lead and Calcium Zinc free. Our state of the art intelligent design uses 50% less steel and our recycling is done in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint.

WER A-Rated

Energy Window Rating

The majority of  our windows incorporate the very latest glazing technology and our Platinum NRG double-glazed PVCu casement windows achieve the ‘greenest’ WER rating of A+ for energy efficiency. The Window Energy Ratings labelling scheme was launched in the UK by the British Federation Rating Council, a Government supported independent body that allows consumers to reliably compare one product with another. A+ Rating being the most energy efficient.

All of our products are manufactured here in the UK, so you can rest assured that we are not transporting from across the world and are working with local suppliers and specialists in the UK home-improvement market