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French – maximum opening area

french-windowsA French window has all the same great features as our casement windows, with the added dimension of a much bigger opening area without a fixed mullion, and can be an elegant solution to meet fire escape regulations where this is a requirement.

Every French window is manufactured to the highest standard, using top quality components which are subject to rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Roller Bolts

Roller Bolts contract to lock the sash into the opposing keep. Raising the handle by 90° expands the bolts to release from the keep.

Shoot Bolts

Shootbolt LockThe upper and low parts of the locking mechanism contain not only a roller bolt but also shoot bolts that locate in the keeps mounted on the frame.

The combined shoot bolts and roller bolts offer 6-point locking which can be enhanced even further by optional hinge bolts.

Easy Clean Hinges

The hinges not only enable a full 90° opening, but when opened, will slide the sash across to allow access to the outer sash from indoors.